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Intellectual Property Rights In A Networked World

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Intellectual Property Rights in a Networked World is a collection of recent essays offering some fresh perspectives on the scope and future of intellectual property rights. The tripartite division of the book is designed to make this interdisciplinary topic more accessible and intelligible to readers of diverse backgrounds. Part I consists of a single essay that provides a broad overview of the main themes in intellectual property scholarship, such as normative intellectual property theory and the legal infrastructure for property protection. The second section of the book presents several essays that are intended to deepen the reader's understanding of intellectual property theory and show how it can help us to grapple with the proper allocation of property rights in cyberspace. And the final section further develops the themes in Part II but in greater detail and with a more practical orientation. For the most part, the essays in this section illustrate the costs and benefits of applying property rights to cyberspace. While intellectual property rights create dynamic incentive effects, they also entail social costs, and they are sometimes in tension with the development of a robust public domain.

One Bad Apple

RRP $12.99

The introductory novella to the "Bad Apples" series of humorous, contemporary crime fiction novels. Professional thief Jack Apple is fresh out of prison and planning one last heist before retiring from crime for good. When he finds $150,000 cash in a bag by the side of the road, Jack thinks his run of bad luck has finally changed. But that's before Jack loses the $150,000 to a lonely old man named Donald who lives inside a high-walled, ramshackle fortress guarded by Butch, his dedicated English bulldog. Turns out, Jack's luck hasn't changed much at all. To get the money back, Jack must battle Donald, his home, and the smartest, craftiest English Bulldog on the planet. He also needs to avoid law enforcement, who are canvassing the area looking for the same $150,000, and who will send him right back to prison if they find him.

Intelligent Techniques In E-commerce: V. 144

RRP $684.99

E-commerce has passed through a number of stages in the minds of most readers of the daily press. Initially it was the province of the specialist and considered almost irrelevant to the needs and activities of everyday life - companies looking for venture capital in this area had little if any chance of obtaining sufficient funds from the rather conservative investors who provided the only source of start-up capital. Then came the dot. com boom -and suddenly e-commerce was the most exciting topic possible! Venture capital was available from every possible source and almost any company with a . com in its name could be assured of instant funding on request. This boom was, inevitably, followed by the dot. com bust and the press wamed that the days of e-commerce were gone, perhaps never to return. This apparently confusing 'stages of growth' model is in reality nothing ofthe sort. E-commerce is simply the logical outcome of combining computers with tele- communications networks. The astonishing changes which a global economy has brought with it are reflected in the changes to the way we do business which are increasingly synonymous with e-commerce. Indeed, the term e-commerce itself is coming to mean only the transaction-based component of e-business-'any process that a business organisation conducts over a computer-mediated network' as Thomas Mesenbourg ofthe U. S. Census Bureau said in 1999.


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